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6 Useful Gadget & Apps For Warm Weather Vacations

March 13, 2014 

Spring is here. Looking to getaway with some great technology gadgets? AT&T shares thei morer favorite picks, perfect for the beach.Spring is here. Looking to getaway with some great technology gadgets? AT&T shares their favorite picks, perfect for the beach.


Ipotty the training toilet seat

October 23, 2013 

The iPotty, a training toilet with a built-in iPad stand, is supposed to make potty training fun, but is it good for our kids? HuffPost Executive Lifestyle Editor Lori Leibovich joins Caitlyn to discuss the product and the criticism it is getting. The iPotty has been designed to help children learn to use the potty….


How To Be Friends With Your Mom On Facebook

September 12, 2011 

Comedian-in-residence lays out some rules on friend your mom on Facebook after reading a news story in which a Costa Rican family was reunited via the social network.


Christmas Wish: iPhone Case Made From T-Rex And Meteors

December 09, 2010 

People like to trick out their cars, teeth, and gadgets with expensive and unnecessary accessories. Having a diamond encrusted iPhone is a way of saying, “Hey poor people! Screw you!” but with class. What could possibly trump a diamond iPhone case? Why one made out of meteorites and T-Rex teeth! This dude Stuart Hughes has….


Wish List: 7R0N Watch

October 21, 2010 

Never in our life have we wanted something as badly as the 7R0N watch. This concept timepiece (pronounced “Seven-R-Zero-N”) is the brainchild of British designer Scott Galloway. If this fantastic little gadget doesn’t strike your fancy, then you sir are no friend of ours.