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George Lopez Goes Nuclear On Heckler

February 08, 2017 

Latino comedian and all around pain in the ass George Lopez went off on a heckler at one of his shows recently. The footage was released by TMZ and is very much NSFW. I have done comedy myself and I can tell you that the heckler is a comedian’s worst nightmare. They are usually just….


George Lopez Jokes About Sobriety With Ellen

March 13, 2014 

For most people, getting arrested for public intoxication would be an embarrassing and eye opening moment in one’s life. However comedian George Lopez has turned his recent drunken Canadian casino escapade into laughs as big as his liver. Yesterday, George Lopez was a guest on Ellen, downplaying the incident by making a few jokes about….


George Lopez Arrested For Public Intoxication

March 01, 2014 

Our (least) favorite comedian, George Lopez, was arrested for public intoxication in a Canadian casino on Thursday. The embarrassment to Latinos everywhere had just perform at Caesar’s Windsor Casino in the frosty North when he had too many tequilas, (insert ‘Because I’m Mexican’ joke here). He was found passed out on the casino floor. They….


Why Does George Lopez Keep Getting TV Shows?

March 02, 2012 

Much like a case of the herp, George Lopez just won’t go away. Our “favorite” comedian has just signed a deal to produce and star in a new Latino family sitcom.


A Latino GOP VP Candidate? Here Are Some Suggestions.

February 22, 2012 

Latinos voters are starting to feel like the ugly girl who got hot over summer vacation. Suddenly, people who never paid any attention to us are all up on our junk. The Republicans need the Latino vote in order to win, but that’s made somewhat difficult given their anti-immigration and generally xenophobic rhetoric. Their best….