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George Lopez Reacts To The College Cheating Scheme

March 13, 2019 

The college admission cheating scandal has rocked several prestigious Universities as Hollywood stars and top industry CEO’s to college coaches and standardized test administrators are accuse of participating in a scheme to cheat on admissions tests and to get students into leading institutions as athletes regardless of their abilities. This scandal has reinforced for many….


George Lopez Facing Misdemeanor Battery Charges

November 13, 2018 

The comedian George Lopez is headed to court on battery charges over an October “MAGA” confrontation. Police reports confirms that a summons was delivered to Lopez, who is an anti-Trump celebrity, after grabbing a man’s neck inside a Hooter’s restaurant in New Mexico. Lopez is currently filming a movie in Las Cruces New Mexico when….


George Lopez Pee Pranks Donald Trump Hollywood Star

July 16, 2018 

We all know that there are several celebrities that just don’t like Donald Trump and George Lopez is one of them. He voiced his opinion by peeing on Donald Trump’s Hollywood star. Well, he actually pranked Trump by simulating peeing by squirting water from a bottle. George unloaded on Trump’s star with a water bottle….


George Lopez Goes Nuclear On Heckler

February 08, 2017 

Latino comedian and all around pain in the ass George Lopez went off on a heckler at one of his shows recently. The footage was released by TMZ and is very much NSFW. I have done comedy myself and I can tell you that the heckler is a comedian’s worst nightmare. They are usually just….


George Lopez Jokes About Sobriety With Ellen

March 13, 2014 

For most people, getting arrested for public intoxication would be an embarrassing and eye opening moment in one’s life. However comedian George Lopez has turned his recent drunken Canadian casino escapade into laughs as big as his liver. Yesterday, George Lopez was a guest on Ellen, downplaying the incident by making a few jokes about….