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Kate Upton Floats in Skimpy Bikini While in Zero Gravity

February 19, 2014 

Sports Illustrated is celebrating its 50th anniversary swimsuit issue. As with every swimsuit edition there are lots of beautiful models in sexy swimsuits. Kate Upton has won the coveted SI cover two times in a row, but this time she won the photo shoot that stood out from the rest. You may ask how could….


Sports Illusttrated Swimsuit Issue In 3-D!

January 07, 2011 

If you ask us (and we assume you would), this 3-D thing is getting pretty old. Who wants to see Jack Black’s quivering belly in 3-D in Gulliver’s Travels? No one! THIS, however, we can get behind. The 2011 Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue will come with a 3-D video component.


New Website May End Calls From Stalker Chicks!

November 17, 2010 

A lady in England has invented an internet service that creates random temporary phone numbers that you can give out to stage five clingers.