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Forbes Magazine Lands Gisele Bündchen In Hot Water

April 14, 2014 

There has to be some benefit to being ranked number one on Forbes’ highest paid models list. Right, Gisele Bundchen? For starters, creepy dudes already know that you’re gorgeous. But now they know you and your sweet thigh gap are raking in millions of dollars every year. But who actually benefits from that kind of….


This Latin Life: Cuban Bloggers, Hugo’s Daughter, And Billionaire Models

January 27, 2012 

Welcome to “This Latin Life,” a recurring feature in which we bring you the news from south of the border in quick, funny nugget form. Mmm, nuggets…


Idiot Man Picks Satellite TV Over Gisele Bundchen

March 03, 2011 

No, we’re not talking about Tom Brady, though he too is an idiot (we don’t like him ergo he’s an idiot). The moron in question is actually a paid actor featured in the following commercial, an ad running on Brazilian television for Sky satellite services.