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Gloria Trevi Biopic In The Works

December 29, 2014 

A Swiss director named Christian Keller has directed a biographical film based on the life of infamous Mexican singer Gloria Trevi. The film, called “Gloria”, will revolve around the events leading to her arrest and imprisonment for three years on kidnapping and sexual abuse charges. Keller had never heard of Trevi before he read an….


Thalia and Gloria Trevi Could Record a Duet

December 23, 2014 

The two Mexicans singers, Thalia and Gloria Trevi, are very good friends and have recently posted pictures of the two divas having fun together on social media. Now there are rumors that the two divas could record a musical duet. According to Televisa Espectáculos, the two are working on a song although neither of the….


Gloria Trevi devastated after the 3rd annual Latino Gay Festival

October 26, 2014 

Gloria Trevi devastated after the 3rd annual Latino Gay Festival in Los Angeles. Trevi was the star performer who should have been able to fill the Pico Rivera Sports Arena to capacity, but no one showed up. This event was highly publicized and a large number of the gay community are big fans of Trevi,….


Gloria Trevi’s New Reality Show

October 03, 2014 

Gloria Trevi has had a long a successful singing career selling 20 million records with lots classic hits like Pelo Suelto, Zapatos Viejos, and Dr. Psiquiatra, Con Los Ojos Cerrados and El Favor de la soledad among others. As a young artist she had wild antics on stage similar to Miley Cyrus. Now she is….


Gloria Trevi Models During New York Fashion Week

September 12, 2014 

The Mexican Diva of pop, Gloria Trevi, walked down the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. She closed the evening by modeling Adolfo Sanchez Divinity 2015 Spring and Summer collection, which the collection is inspired by strong women. This is Trevi’s first time modeling in a prestigious fashion show. The diva plans to document the….