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Guac For The Super Bowl In Danger

January 16, 2019 

With the Super Bowl only a few weeks away fans of guacamole may have to find a substitute during the big game. The biggest story in Mexico right now has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. Gas stations in at least six Mexican states and the country’s capital have been running dry….


WARNING: Listeria Found On Avocados

December 28, 2018 

The FDA has issued a warning that it is crucial to wash your avocados before eating them. Over an 18 month study, avocado skin samples tested positive for bacteria like salmonella and listeria. You may be thinking why this matters especially since you don’t plan to eat the outer skin of an avocado. Well, you….


Free Guacamole at Chipotle for National Avocado Day

July 31, 2018 

For National Avocado Day, the fast-casual Mexican chain is giving away free guacamole with online and mobile app orders. Chris Brandt, Chipotle’s chief marketing officer said, “Our fresh, homemade guacamole has a massive fan following. We want to show our love for the avocado and reward our customers’ guac obsession.” So whats the catch, there’s….


Doctors Call for Warning Label on Avocados

June 23, 2018 

According to reports, amateur cooks just can’t seem to slice up the fruit a staple of Mexican food without chopping into their hands. Surgeons have seen a spike in the number of people who seriously injure themselves while trying to penetrate avocados. Now the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is demanding a….


Kick Off Baseball Season Right With Some Awesome Guacamole

March 26, 2018 

Baseball season is starting up this week and you’re going to need to serve something awesome to your friends when they come over to watch the game. Look no further than this awesome guac recipe. Sometimes I think about the first guy to eat a certain food. Way back in hunter-gather times, some dude or….