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Chipotle Halloween Boorito Promotion Is Back

October 31, 2018 

Just in time for Halloween, Chipotle’s Boorito is back with a few changes. As before anyone wearing a costume can score discounted burritos, tacos, salads and more during the Halloween day promotion from 3 p.m to closing. This year, the meal deal is $4, up from $3 last year, and it’s available without a costume, too…..


Spice Up Your Halloween Offerings With Some Mexican Candy

October 25, 2018 

Halloween is next week so it’s time to stock up on some candy. But instead of buying the multipack of mini chocolate bars at the Rite Aid, why not opt for some awesome Mexican candy? I love Mexican candy. It reminds me of my childhood in Mexico and Texas. Back when life was simple; a….


Here Are Some Spanish-Language Horror Films To Get You In The Halloween Mood

September 26, 2018 

Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos is coming up soon. The two go together like sugar skulls and tooth decay. One is an ancient pagan holiday that nowadays is celebrated by having kids extort candy from their neighbors. In the other, we Latinos honor our beloved dead by building altars to their memory and having….


Kim Kardashian Dresses Like Selena For Halloween…Umm…No.

November 01, 2017 

Kim Kardashian-West, also known as the nadir of Western Civilization, dressed up like the late Selena Quintanilla-Perez for Halloween. Yes, THAT Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Kim wore Selena’s iconic purple jumpsuit and sequins combo and a wig resembling Selena’s beautiful long black hair. Latino Twitter was not having it. We’ve written about how non-Latinos should not dress….


Latino Costume Ideas For Halloween

October 31, 2017 

You have until tonight to think of a costume but what could it be? Sure, we’re adults but so what? Some people say that Halloween is just for kids. Those people are stupid and deserve an open-handed slap in the mouth. It’s the one day a year where men can dress like women and women….