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Vicente Fernandez Endorses Hillary Clinton With Corrido

September 23, 2016 

The Mexican ranchero icon Vicente Fernández just endorsed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with a corrido titled “El Corrido de Hillary Clinton.” This is huge since Don Chente es muy querido en la comunidad Mexicana. Chente went on to say, “Con todo respeto hoy he hecho pública mi simpatía hacia la Sra. Hillary Clinton. Esto por….


With The DNC Starting, Latinos Ask”¿Y Hillary Que?”

July 25, 2016 

The Democratic National Convention started today and after the horror that was the Republican National Convention last week, Latinos are looking with hope to Hillary Clinton. You know, except for the few Latino weirdos that are for Trump. It’s clear that Trump is not for Latinos, but the question is whether or not Hillary is….


Hillary Clinton Is #NotMiAbuela. No Kidding.

December 24, 2015 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has tried to reach out to the Latino community in many of its ads. This is more than a lot of Republican nominees are doing. Except maybe Marco Rubio and kinda Ted Cruz. Kinda. But Hillary’s team made a really stupid misstep with a 8 Ways Hillary Clinton Is Just Like Your….


Jennifer Lopez “Excited” About Hillary Clinton’s White House Run

April 17, 2015 

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t officially thrown her support behind Hillary Clinton for president, but we imagine she’ll be heading in that direction. Clinton announced in a video posted Sunday afternoon on her social media platforms that she is making a second attempt for the White House. Saying in the video, “I’m getting ready to do something….