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Trump Recognizes Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó As President

January 23, 2019 

U.S. president Donald Trump recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the true interim president of Venezuela. This comes after Guaidó declared himself president in front of cheering crowds in Caracas. This comes two weeks after controversial leader Nicolas Maduro was sworn in to a second six-year term as president. Many in the international community….


Venezuela Bans Bush And Cheney

March 12, 2015 

Now any American citizen wanting to visit Venezuela will require a VISA. But two Americans will be singled out by the Venezuelan government and have been banned from entering Venezuela. President Nicolas Maduro has labeled George W Bush and Dick Cheney as “terrorists” for committing war crimes. Maduro stated, “In order to protect our country…I….


Venezuelan Chavistas Change Lord’s Prayer To Invoke Hugo Chavez

September 02, 2014 

In the latest step in the deification of Hugo Chavez, the Chavistas have changed the words to the Lord’s Prayer to be about Hugo Chavez. Congresswoman Maria Estrella Uribe invoked the fallen leader’s memory in the opening prayer to a party meeting. Since his death last year, Hugo Chavez has been on the fast track….


Republican Congressional Candidate Changes His Name To Cesar Chavez

June 03, 2014 

Failed Arizona congressional GOP candidate Scott Fistler has come up with a new idea to win when he runs for the House of Representatives: He changed his name to Cesar Chavez. Like, the famous labor leader and human rights activist Cesar Chavez. Mind you, Fistler isn’t Latino but the 7th congressional district he’s running for….


A Year After Hugo Chavez Death And His Revolution Is Crumbling

March 05, 2014 

A year ago today Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez died after a long battle with cancer. The country was consumed by grief and a lot of people nearly canonized the guy in their minds. But things look very different only a year later. Riots and mass protests have rocked the country over the last few weeks….