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Trump Threatens To Shut Southern Border If He Doesn’t Get His Wall

December 28, 2018 

We are now almost a week into a partial government shutdown brought about by a temper tantrum by president Donald Trump over funding for his long-promised border wall. You will remember from his campaign that he promised his rabid followers that he would erect a giant wall across the U.S./Mexico border and that he would….


Trump Administration Fires Tear Gas At Refugees At Mexican Border

November 26, 2018 

Things are getting out of hand at the U.S./Mexican border as the United States forces, under the direction of the Trump administration, fired tear gas at members of the migrant caravan trying to cross the border. This comes after the government shut down the border crossing at San Ysidro, which is the busiest border crossing….


The Trump Administration Revoking Passports From Latino Citizens

August 30, 2018 

The Trump administration has started cracking down on American born Latinos by revoking their passports or even deporting them at the border. Yeah, you read that right. These are American citizens, most of them born in the United States, that are having their federal identification taken away, are being harassed and detained, and in some….


We Will Be Remembered For How We React To The Crisis At The Border

June 19, 2018 

I remember when I was in jr. high school and we first learned in greater detail about what happened in Germany during World War II to the Jews. I recall that many of my classmates said that they wouldn’t have stood by while Hitler came to power or they would have tried to stop it….


ICE Loses Track Of 1475 Immigrant Children

May 28, 2018 

ICE and the federal government have reached a new low when it comes to the treatment of immigrants from Latin America when it admitted that they have lost track of almost 1500 children of immigrants over the last year. The Trump administration has put into effect a policy to forcibly take children away from their….