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“Orange Is The New Black” Star Recalls Parent’s Deportation

November 19, 2014 

Diane Guerrero is on top of the world right now. Not only is she one of the principals on Orange is the New Black but she also has a recurring role on Jane the Virgin. But she wasn’t always so lucky. At the age of 14 her parents and brother were deported back to Colombia….


We Now Have The Most Latino Congress Ever

Congressional Hispanic Caucus
November 10, 2014 

Now that all the votes have been counted from last week’s midterm election it is official: the most Latinos ever have been elected to congress. There will be 29 Latinos in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate when the 2015 congress convenes. Most of them are Democrats though a surprising amount are….


What Last Night’s Election Means For Latinos

November 05, 2014 

In yesterday’s midterm elections the Republicans won several seats in both the House and the Senate putting them firmly in control of congress. They also made gains in several gubernatorial races across the country. But the question a lot of people are asking today is what impact will this change have on the immigration debate….


The Daily Show Skewers Fears About “Illegal” Latinos

November 03, 2014 

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive The Daily Show visited my home state of Texas for a revealing look at the growing anxiety among White folks about the Latino population. It is a fact that by 2020 Latinos will outnumber Whites in the Lone Star….


“Bordertown” Latino Cartoon Show To Break Boundaries

September 30, 2014 

Lalo Alcaraz leads the creative team of a new cartoon show that will air on Fox next year. Unlike most cartoon shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy, most of the main characters in Bordertown will be Latinos. The show will take place in a fictional town along the U.S./Mexico border. There will be an….


Gene Simmons Thinks We Should All Speak English

August 13, 2014 

KISS frontman and notorious a-hole Gene Simmons weighed in on the immigration debate by saying that he thinks you should either speak English or get the hell out. Because, you know, the guy you want examining the complexities of the immigration crisis is a guy who wears clown makeup and spits fireballs. Simmons is himself….


Majority Of Americans Favor Housing Child Migrants

July 30, 2014 

An overwhelming majority of Americans favor letting the child migrants that have been arriving in droves at the border into the U.S. In a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute Americans of all political backgrounds mostly favored housing the migrant children. 80% of Democrats and 57% of Republicans polled agreed that the children qualified….


U.S. Customs Creates Corrido Hit “La Bestia”

July 29, 2014 

In Mexico and Central America musical corridos are often about what’s going on in society. Take for example the controversial genre of narcocorridos about drug cartel culture. A topic that’s been the subject of many recent corridos is immigration, particularly the dangerous crossing into the United States. There is a hit song on the radio….


Texas Sends 1000 National Guard Troops To Border

July 22, 2014 

In a deeply controversial move, Texas governor Rick Perry has deployed the national guard to secure the Texas border. Over 1000 guardsmen are expected to amass along the border fence. The idea is to deter people from crossing over and to “aid” with securing the undocumented, (particularly the children), when they do reach the border…..


Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas Held At U.S. Border

July 15, 2014 

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas is being detained at the U.S. border in McAllen, TX. Vargas, who is an undocumented immigrant from the Philippines, attempted to fly out of the airport using his Filipino passport. When asked if he had a visa, (he did not), he was sent to a border patrol agent….