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Tag: iPhone Apps

iPhone App Plays Minesweeper For Real

May 10, 2011 

Do you ever play Minesweeper on Windows? It’s a pretty fun game and a great excuse to not work on that paper that’s due tomorrow. What isn’t fun is being an actual minesweeper, where you could get your arm blown off at any minute. The most common method, is to walk blindly out into a….


New iPad Will Have Two Cameras…But Why?

January 24, 2011 

The talk out of Cupertino is that the new second generation iPad will have a camera in both the front and the back just like the iPhone 4. It will also come preloaded with the same camera apps as the iPhone. Okay. We get why the iPhone 4 has a front-facing camera. Obviously, it’s there….


Cool iPhone App: World Lens

December 17, 2010 

Allow us to introduce Word Lens, a kickass new app that uses the iPhone’s camera to translate text from Spanish to English (or vice versa). Finally, an iPhone app that helpfully informs you that the funky plate you just ordered at that Venezuelan restaurant does, in fact, list bull testicles as one of the key ingredients.