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Jorge Ramos Releasing Book “Sin Miedo: Lecciones de Rebeldes”

December 07, 2015 

Jorge Ramos will be releasing his book title “Sin Miedo: Lecciones de Rebeldes” in March 2016. Ramos es reconocido por su forma franca and without limitations when it comes to interviewing world leaders important businessmen, and even dictators. In his book “Sin Miedo”, Ramos shares interviews he’s done in his more then 30 year career….


Donald Trump Kicks Jorge Ramos Out Of Press Conference

August 26, 2015 

In a move that is sure to further alienate Donald Trump from Latino voters, he had legendary Univision anchor Jorge Ramos ejected from a news conference in Iowa. The trouble began when Ramos stood up and proceeded to ask Trump a question about immigration. Trump then said, “You haven’t been called! Go back to Univision!”….


Jorge Ramos Named As One Of The 100 Most Influential People

May 19, 2015 

For those who watch las noticias en español, probably have grown up with Jorge Ramos. As a kid growing up in Mexico, he studied at the Universidad Iberoamericana and has become a household name in journalism. The humble looking silver-haired and gray-eyed man is not afraid to hit tough political issues. He uses his voice….


The Republican National Committee Shuns Univision In 2016

January 19, 2015 

The Republican National Committee announced which networks will carry the 2016 presidential debates and Univision was not chosen. This decision is dumbfounding seeing as Univision is the most popular Spanish language television channel that reached 96% of Latino households in the United States. Both Democrats and Republicans have spoken about the importance that Latinos will….


U.S. In Talks With Cuba To Release Alan Gross

December 10, 2014 

President Obama told news anchor Jorge Ramos yesterday on Fusion that the U.S. government has been in negotiations for some time to try and secure the release of Alan Gross. The government contractor has been held prisoner on the island after he was accused to distributing telecommunications devices to anti-Castro dissidents. The Cuban government then….