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The Odyssey of Jose Canseco’s Finger

November 18, 2014 

We told you last week that baseball legend and walking funny story generator Jose Canseco accidentally shot himself in the hand. He blew off one of his fingers and had to have it surgically reattached. One might think that that would be the end of the story but there was more adventures to be had…..


Jose Canseco Injured In Shooting Accident

October 29, 2014 

Baseball legend Jose Canseco seriously injured his left hand when he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. Apparently, Jose was doing some firearm maintenance in the kitchen, like you do, and didn’t follow the first rule of gun safety: make sure the gun isn’t loaded. Canseco had emergency surgery to save his finger but….


Jose Canseco Pulled Over For Driving With Diapered Goats

November 25, 2013 

Jose Canseco was pulled over by the cops this weekend for driving around with two diapered fainting goats. You might be feeling confused by the sentence you just read. It’s as if you understand what the words mean individually but not together. Canseco and his wife purchased two fainting goats to add to their ever….


Jose Canseco Returns To Baseball?

February 13, 2012 

Jose Canseco has just signed to play with the Mexican triple-A Quintana Roo Tigers. No, it isn’t 1985. Canseco, who is 47 years old, joined the team in an effort to make it back into the major leagues. Let’s forget for a second how absurd it is for a guy in his late forties to….