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Tag: La Santa Cecilia

“Strawberry Fields” Turned Into Song About Migrant Workers

August 07, 2014 

Grammy award winning group La Santa Cecilia has taken a Beatles’ classic Strawberry Fields and changed the meaning behind the song to be about the plight of migrant workers. The original song was a nonsense verse that John Lennon named after a park in his native Liverpool. La Santa Cecilia examined who exactly works in….


2014 Grammys Wrap-up

January 27, 2014 

The 2014 Grammy’s were held last night and all of the music industry came out in their Sunday best. The night was particularly good to French robots Daft Punk and rapper and flashy suit wearers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Daft Punk received album of the year for Random Access Memories, record of the year for….