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Tag: Las Vegas

Taco Bell to Offer Weddings

March 06, 2017 

Las Vegas is famous for its wedding chapels, drive through weddings and mob-themed nuptials. Well know you can have a Taco Bell wedding. The fast-food chain recently announced plans to host wedding ceremonies this summer at its 24-hour Cantina restaurant in Sin City. Por tan solo $600, Taco Bell fans can tie the knot over….


Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Her 47th In Vegas

July 27, 2016 

Jennifer Lopez cumple 47 and like always tuvo que festejar en grande as her longtime manager Benny Medina threw J-Lo a party at Caesers Palace in Las Vegas. Y como siempre the birthday girl had to celebrate with a sexy outfit. This time around she celebrated with a sexy plunging, sequin, teal gown. Si no….


Taco Bell Plans Cantina on the Las Vegas Strip

July 26, 2016 

Las Vegas seems to have it all, gambling, pool parties, great live show’s and some of the best places to eat in the country. Taco Bell wants to be part of the Las Vegas top dining destinations as the Mexican fast food chain is opening a new flagship restaurant on the las Vegas Strip across….


Loteria Is The New Hit Game In Las Vegas

April 25, 2016 

When I was a little kid in Mexico, and later in Texas, one of my favorite games was Loteria. The Mexican version of Bingo, (or is Bingo the American version of Loteria?), is played on cards with weird images on them and a matching set of cards. As the cards are drawn, you mark your….


Jennifer Lopez Announces Las Vegas Residency

May 13, 2015 

Jennifer Lopez is moving on to the next phase of her career with a huge residency in Las Vegas. She made the announcement on Twitter during the American Idol finale. Yesterday word came down that American Idol would be ending next year so it’s not a surprise that J-Lo would be looking at next steps…..