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Still Crazy After All These Years: The Five Worst Latin American Dictators Of The 20th Century

November 28, 2011 

By Jack Tomas Let’s face it, Latin American history is nothing but a series of evil jerks treating people like crap. Seriously, think about it. When was the last time there was a leader, any leader, in any Latin American country who wasn’t a crook, killer, or psychopath? It seems like our only choices are:….


This Latin Life

August 11, 2011 

Welcome to “This Latin Life” (formerly “This Week In Latin America”), a recurring feature in which we bring you the news from south of the border in quick, funny nugget form. Mmm, nuggets…


Netflix To Stream Telenovelas In Latin America

Screen shot 2011-07-28 at 4.17.30 PM
July 28, 2011 

Move over, Jesus. Netflix is converting Latin America to streaming! Netflix, whose stock dropped 5% on Tuesday, is doing what so many companies have done for years – look to Latin Americans to create a product on the cheap. Aiding in Netflix’s quest to dominate the streaming world are Televisa and Azteca– Mexico’s two biggest broadcasters.