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Tag: Latin America

An Ode To Cheap Latin American Knock-Offs Of Popular Toys

January 18, 2019 

This past month I was clearing out some stuff from my mom’s house and putting my old toys into storage. Among all the badass Millennium Falcons and Castle Greyskulls, I found my old bank. It’s a Mickey Mouse bank made of toxic carcinogenic plastic. His shorts are blue instead of red and his face looks….


The Ugly American: Do NOT DO These Things While Visiting Latin America This Summer

August 07, 2018 

It’s summertime, which is when most people take vacations. It makes sense. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and you can get a tan without spraying on a bunch of chemicals that will give you cancer. One of the most popular parts of the world for American tourists to go is….


Will Smith Honorary Latino

February 24, 2018 

Will Smith is the most successful rapper-turned-actor and now we crown him an honorary Latino and here are a few reasons why. He has truly immersed himself in our culture with respect. He recently collaborated with Columbian artist Bomba Estéreo. He can sing in Spanish. He thinks he was a Latino in is past life…..


Mexico Is The Top Country Streaming Netflix in 2017

December 21, 2017 

We have all done it, binge-watched a series on Netflix. But what country consumed the most content on Netflix in 2017? You may think the U.S. but you would be wrong. Mexico topped the chart for the most daily consumption of content on Netflix in 2017. The rest of Latin America is not too far….


Latin American Drinks That Will Make You Forget About Pumpkin Spice Lattes

October 12, 2016 

With Fall officially here and the days are getting cooler, it’s pumpkin spice season. But what if you want a traditional Latin American drink that rivals or is even better then Pumpkin spice lattes. No se preocupen que hay les va some Latin American drinks que son muy deliciosos. Chocolate de Maní This peanut based….