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Five Things You Didn’t Know About National Taco Day

October 04, 2011 

According to the internet– and when is it ever wrong?– today, October 4, is “National Taco Day.” To celebrate, we’ve compiled five things you didn’t know about this holiday.


Pablo Escobar Narco Tour Inspires Different Kind Of Lines

September 14, 2011 

Tired of taking the kids on bland theme tours through Pennsylvania Amish country or the local landfill? Well Colombia has the narco-tourist attraction you’ve been clamoring for: the Pablo Escobar is History Tour in Medellín! That’s right. If you have 40 dollars and three hours to kill, you and the kids can traverse this drug lord’s….


Know Your Latin American Beers

August 05, 2011 

Today is International Beer Day, which gives us a great excuse to talk about one of our favorite things in the world. That’s right, folks. Your Tu Vez editors have been known to kick back by enjoying a chela (or ten) here and then. To help you celebrate, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of Latin American beers and the appropriate situation for you to drink them.


Five Movies About Latinos Overcoming Odds And Learning Stuff

March 07, 2011 

The eighties and early nineties were all about overcoming odds. The Americans beating the Soviet hockey team at the 1980 Olympics, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Daniel LaRusso beating the Cobra Kai dojo at the karate tournament. As a result of all this triumphing of the human spirit, came the inspirational teacher genre. Here are some of our favorites.


10 Most Insane Hispanic Explorers

January 31, 2011 

Sanctum– the 3D film produced by James Cameron (you know, that guy who did Avatar)– opens this Friday. In honor of the film’s premiere, we’ve compiled this list of ten insane Hispanic adventurers who have accomplished tasks too insane for us to even attempt