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Danny Trejo Bashes Donald Trump’s Border Wall Plan

December 30, 2018 

El Machete recently talked about Trump’s Border Wall Plan. During the same day the U.S. government shut down, Danny Trejo was at the Los Angeles Mission helping serve food to the homeless and expressed his feelings about Trump’s plan. He said it’s a waste of money because no matter how high it is, Trump is….


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Trolls Donald Trump and Will Run For U.S. President In 2020

September 10, 2017 

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, has been releasing brutal and hilarious video messages for Trump. Fox’s political comedy began in January, when he tweeted that he “Was not paying for the fucken wall.” Now Fox has kicked his mockery up a notch by declaring his intent to run for the American presidency in 2020…..


‘Trump’ Toilet Paper Coming Soon

June 01, 2017 

There are many Mexicans who felt insulted by Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and felt they could not do much about it. Well that all changes with this new hygienic paper. A Mexican businessman offended by President Donald Trump’s insults to his countrymen has come up with a brilliant idea, toilet paper. Not just….


Number of Illegal Cuban Immigrants Caught by Coast Guard Drops

May 28, 2017 

In the month of April the U.S. Coast Guard did not intercept any Cubans trying to sail illegally to the U.S. One reason why is the new policies set by both the Obama and Trump administration. Just before leaving office, President Obama repealed what was know as the “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy, where Cubans who reached….


Trump To Executive Order Building Of Border Wall

January 25, 2017 

Today president Donald Trump will fulfill one of this most promised and controversial campaign promises as he signs several executive orders regarding immigration including ordering the construction of the border wall along the U.S./Mexico border. Along with banning the immigration of people from six Muslim countries and the freezing of visas for refugees, Trump is….