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Tag: Mexican fast food

Taco Bell Sauce Saves Another Life

March 20, 2019 

A few weeks ago we heard the shocking news that a man survived for five days stranded in the snow by eating nothing but Taco Bell hot sauce packets. Well now there is another incident which a person was saved by Taco Bell sauce packets . A Florida man was sitting down at a Taco….


Taco Bell Is Opening Their First “Slide-Thru”

March 05, 2019 

If you have ever craved Taco Bell while on the slopes, well things are about to change.  Taco Bell is opening the worlds first slide-thru take-out window.  The slide-thru window will only be in operation for a couple of days starting March 4, at Ontario’s Canada Horseshoe Resort as they will be hosting an event….


Chipotle Is Worse For You Than McDonald’s?

March 02, 2019 

Is eating Chipotle as bad as or even worse than McDonald’s when it comes to nutrition? According to a new study from the University of South Carolina, entrees at fast-food chains like Chipotle and Panera Bread can rack up 35 percent more calories than meals at McDonald’s and Taco Bell. The results of the study….


Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Nacho Fries Again

January 17, 2019 

It seems Taco Bell loves to play with our emotions when it comes to Nacho Fries. They bring them back only to break our heart and take them away. Well, we have good news for Nacho Fries fans, starting January 24, Nacho Fries will be back on Taco Bell menus nationwide! That means you can….


Taco Bell Selling 2 Grande Burritos for $1

December 13, 2018 

For all you Taco Bell fans we got great news, Taco Bell burritos are getting even cheaper later this month. Taco Bell is kicking off its new Craving Value Menu by offering two Grande Burritos for just $1, yes I said two! Starting on Dec 27 you can pick from a Chicken Enchilada Burrito with….