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Tag: Mexican Independence Day

Miley Cyrus Angers Mexico With Independence Day Performance

September 18, 2014 

Miley Cyrus managed to piss off the entire country of Mexico by dishonoring the flag…on Mexican Independence Day. The Bangerz concert started off like any other, with Miley writing around scantily clad, twerking, sticking out her tongue, etc. Then she began spitting water into the crowd. They reacted badly. Then she brought out a giant….


Cinco De Mayo Or Better Yet Gringo De Mayo

May 04, 2014 

Most gringos celebrate Cinco de Mayo and think that its Mexico’s independence day or worse they think its a day you eat a lot of tacos and drink Coronas. But in reality, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence day!  Cinco de Mayo is the day to commemorate the battle of Puebla. Mexicans fought against….


How to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

September 15, 2011 

Tomorrow, September 16th, is Mexican Independence Day. To honor the 201st birthday of Mexico, we’ve put together a handful of suggestions for celebrating el dieciseis the right way.