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False Claims As Trump Makes His Case For A Crisis On The US-Mexico border

January 10, 2019 

Donald Trump continues to push for a billion dollar approval for a new border wall. Trump and his administration have use misleading statements and facts to make their case for the funding of the border wall. Here is a breakdown of the most recent misleading claims made the the current administration. Illegal border-crossings In each….


‘Wall’ of Taco Trucks At Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel

October 19, 2016 

Could the threat of taco trucks on every corner becoming a reality? Unfortunately no, but a taco truck wall was set up in front of the Trump International Las Vegas hotel for the last presidential debate. This taco truck wall will not only be serving some deliciosos tacos and tortas but it will be protesting….


Maybe MEXICO Should Build That Wall To Keep Out Americans

August 24, 2015 

There has been talk for years from certain sectors of the Republican party, (cough, cough Donald Trump cough), about building a wall along the Mexico/U.S. border. This wall would be similar to the one they have in Israel separating the Palestinian territories from the rest of the country. The thought is that if you make….