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Anthony Bourdain’s Love Affair With Mexico and Mexican Cuisine

June 10, 2018 

After watching several years of Anthony Bourdain’s TV series, there is no doubting that he had a love for Mexico and its cuisine. Some may say it was a deep love affair. After several trips to various parts of the country, he wrote a book about his experiences in 2014 entitled Under the Volcano. Bourdain….


Salma Hayek Donates $100K To Mexico Earthquake Victims

September 25, 2017 

La actriz Mexicana is helping the victims of the 7.1 earthquake that hit Mexico City with a donation of $100,000 and is asking her fans to help out as well. This earthquake brought back bad memories of the 1985 earthquake that also hit Mexico City. “After the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, I was evacuated….


Conan O’Brien (Satirically) Raises Money For Trump’s Wall

February 24, 2017 

Ginger genius and late-night icon Conan O’Brien is doing a show from Mexico City this week and while he was down there he tried to wrestle up some money for president Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. As we all know, (because Trump wouldn’t shut up about it), he plans to build a three thousand mile….


Tesla Motors Arrives In Mexico

December 30, 2015 

It’s official, Tesla ya llegó a México. Customers can pre order the model S through the Tesla website for a payment of $80,000 pesos or $4,701 dollars. The price of the Model S for the Mexican market will start from $75,000 dollars plus taxes. Tesla will be targeting Mexico City as it is one of….


Mexican Actress Stephanie Sigman Is The New Bond Girl

March 18, 2015 

  James Bond will be going to Mexico in his new film Spectre and will have a Latina “Bond girl”. Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman will be the latest in a chain of women that have played the romantic interest of 007. Actresses as varied as Ursula Andress and Grace Jones have been seduced by the….