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Chapo Guzman Clothing Line In The Works

mayo 05, 2019 

The wife of convicted drug lord Joaquin «El Chapo» Guzman has launched an appeal to fashion designers to propose designs for a clothing line named after her husband. Emma Coronel posted a message on her Instagram account this week saying «I invite clothing designers who are starting out and who want to join the project,….


An Artist Is Building A ‘Wall’ Made Of Cheese Near The U.S-Mexico Border

abril 24, 2019 

The Artist Cosimo Cavallaro is building a wall, but not the kind that’s going to divide people.  The Cheese Wall is Cosimo’s latest project, in which he plans to build a wall using large blocks of spoiled cheese near the U.S-Mexico border.  According to his GoFundMe page, the artist was inspired to start the Cheese….


Border Shutdown Would Close Bridge To Tijuana Airport

abril 15, 2019 

With the threat of Donald Trump shutting down the U.S. Mexican border, the Cross Border Express (CBX), a pedestrian bridge at the border that pedestrians in Otay Mesa can use to walk to the Tijuana International Airport, could be closed. CBX opened the bridge in 2016 for ticketed airline passengers only.  «It is in compliance….


Mexico Braces for New Caravan of Central American Migrants

abril 10, 2019 

A caravan of about 2,500 Central Americans and Cubans is currently making their way north through Mexico to reach the U.S. as their final destination. Mexico is bracing for the “mother of all caravans,” to each Mexico.  Mexico Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero has said a caravan of migrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala….


(English) Oscars 2019: Alfonso Cuarón Wins Best Director

febrero 24, 2019 

Disculpe, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en Inglés Estadounidense.