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Trump Administration Fires Tear Gas At Refugees At Mexican Border

November 26, 2018 

Things are getting out of hand at the U.S./Mexican border as the United States forces, under the direction of the Trump administration, fired tear gas at members of the migrant caravan trying to cross the border. This comes after the government shut down the border crossing at San Ysidro, which is the busiest border crossing….


The Migrant Caravan And Donald Trump Are Headed For A Showdown

October 22, 2018 

Thousands of migrants from Honduras and elsewhere in Central America are marching slowly towards the United States. There are estimates of 4000 men, women, and children making the grueling trek from Central America to the U.S. Mexico border. This, of course, has set off President Trump and his base. The president has threatened to send….


‘Migrant Caravan’ Stopped At The Border

April 30, 2018 

A group of 100 migrants that have traveled up from Central America and through Mexico have been stopped at the border by the U.S. government. They are mostly all packed on the Mexico side of the border near the San Diego port of entry. Since their arrival yesterday, border patrol has not processed any of….