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Should Transgender Woman Be Allowed in Miss Universe

October 09, 2018 

A big controversy in the Miss Universe Pageant as Miss Colombia Valeria Morales said that Miss Universe is only for “mujeres que nacieron mujeres”. This is all because the transgender beauty queen, Angela Ponce, will represent Spain at the Miss Universe competition. Valeria does not agree as she mentioned in a recent interview. “Creo que….


Miss Universe Mix Up With Mexico and Guatemala

February 06, 2017 

Recently Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, was crowned Miss Universe 2017. Pero muchos no se dieron cuenta of the Mexican-Guatemalan mixup. The contestants in the finalists categories were presented to TV viewers with a quick video clip about their life and country. Pues cuando le toco a Miss Mexico, producers showed an ancient ruin. You may….


Mistake Crowns Miss Colombia Before Miss Philippines

December 21, 2015 

Everyone thought that Miss Colombia had won the title of Miss Universe, when the host Steve Harvey returned to announce on live television that he had mistakenly read form the cue card, and the contestant from the Philippines was the actual winner. ¡Como le pueden hacer eso a Miss Colombia! La pobre de Ariadna Gutierrez….


Trump Hotel Site using Immigrant Workers

August 07, 2015 

For weeks dozens of immigrant construction workers work hard to build Washington DC’s newest Luxury hotel. You may ask who is behind this new hotel, none other then Donald Trump. I ask myself how can Trump and his company rely on Latin America immigrants, which some have been found to be undocumented, to finish the….


Miss Universe Will Take Part In Colombian Peace Talks

February 10, 2015 

Notorious crypto-Communist guerrilla group FARC specifically asked Miss Universe Paulina Vega to take part in peace talks with the Colombian government and she has accepted. It sounds like the plot of a telenovela but it’s totally true. Vega is the former Miss Colombia and is a huge celebrity in the country. Why exactly FARC thinks….