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Rosie Perez Leaving The View, Is Naya Rivera Replacing Her?

January 24, 2015 

After only four months on “The View,” Rosie Perez is leaving the ABC morning show. She had taken off the month of January to appear in the Broadway play “Fish in the Dark,” but it’s understood that she won’t be coming back once she’s done. It’s unclear when ABC will announce her departure, but for….


Naya Rivera Says Daily Bathing Is “A White Person Thing”

January 14, 2015 

  “Glee” star Naya Rivera stirred up a storm on social media after she made the claim on The View that showering every day was something only White people do. The hosts were discussing Nicolle Wallace’s bathing habits for some reason when Naya suggested that people of color, (who she weirdly called “ethnics”), don’t shower….


Naya Rivera Casts Major Shade At Kim Kardashian

November 12, 2014 

One of our favorite girls, Naya Rivera, was critical of one of our least favorite girls: Kim Kardashian. In case you haven’t seen Kim’s Paper Magazine cover yet, let me paint you a picture. She’s naked and covered in oil and you can see the entirety of her booty. Naya thought that this time Kim….


Naya Rivera Has Secret Wedding To Ryan Dorsey

July 23, 2014 

One of our favorite girls, Naya Rivera, has gotten married in secret to boyfriend Ryan Dorsey. The ceremony took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a small group of family and friends. The two began dating after Naya broke off her engagement to Big Sean back in April. Some people might say that these….


Glee Finale Explains Naya Rivera’s Absence

May 14, 2014 

It happened to Raymond Cruz’s Tuco Salamanca on Breaking Bad. It happened to Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. And how it has most likely happened to Naya Rivera’s Santana Lopez on the season finale of Glee. That is to say, Naya Rivera’s character has been written off the show and….