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Celebrate The New Year With These Latino Traditions

December 31, 2018 

Tonight is New Year’s Eve when we celebrate the passing of one year and hope for a better future in the next one. Cultures all over the world have different ways of ringing in the New Year for maximum prosperity. We Latinos are no different. Across Spain and Latin America we practice a variety of….


Jennifer Lopez to Ring In The New Year With A Vegas Concert

December 23, 2014 

Our favorite pop icon Jennifer Lopez will be ringing in the New Year with a special one-night only performance at the Las Vegas Colosseum. She’d been in talks to do the show for a while. Jenny will be playing all her greatest hits for a sold out crowd. She will have an ensemble of 25….


Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Hapi News Jeers

December 29, 2011 

Hapi News Jeers Expression: The traditional holiday wish of Happy New Year pronounced with a heavy Spanish accent. First of all, the proper thing to say is Feliz Año Nuevo or Prospero Año Nuevo. There’s even a Jose Feliciano song about it.  Secondly, why would you want to wish someone “Jeer”? That means “Boo!” You….