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Selena Gomez’s Revival World Tour Details!

October 07, 2015 

Selena fans are going crazy as the singer not only dropped a new song but she announced a world tour. Recently Selena surprised her fans with an Instagram video announcing the Revival world tour. “Guys, I have a very exciting announcement,” she says in the clip. “I am launching my Revival world tour. I will….


Fresno Tacos Baseball Team

August 28, 2015 

The taco is the most popular item on the menu when it comes to Mexican food so much so que hasta los gringos saben que es un taco al pastor. Well now the taco has gone where no other Mexican food item has gone. Recently the Houston Astros’ Triple-A affiliate, the Fresno Grizzlies, changed their….


Shakira Has World Baby Shower

January 29, 2015 

As Shakira is soon to give birth to her second child, the Colombian superstar wanted to give her baby shower a greater purpose. After the success of her first World Baby Shower to benefit UNICEF and needy children, Shakira and her boyfriend, Gerard Piqué decided to do it again. The couple invited fans to donate….


No More Carnitas at Chipotle Mexican Grill

January 14, 2015 

For those that love to order carnitas at Chipotle we have some bad news. The fast food chain will stop serving pork at a third of its U.S. restaurants after they discovered one of its suppliers was not complying with its animal-welfare standards. Chipotle is known for serving antibiotic-free meat and organic produce and would….


Shakira Teaches Her Son to Read

December 19, 2014 

As being Latinos living in the U.S. we are fortunate to learn two languages, English and Spanish. Unfortunately, some Latinos don’t take advantage of learning their native language but Shakira is taking full advantage and teaching her pequeño Milan a total of 7 languages. Yes you read correct 7 languages. In a recent interview Shakira….