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Miss Nicaragua Yumara Lopez Dies of Brain Cancer

June 24, 2016 

Nicaragua esta de luto después de saber que Yumara López, a national beauty queen lost her life to cancer after a two-year battle. López was the first runner-up at the 2014 Miss World Nicaragua competition and represented Nicaragua at the 2014 Miss World beauty pageant after the crowned queen, María Esther Cortés, gave up her….


Still Crazy After All These Years: The Five Worst Latin American Dictators Of The 20th Century

November 28, 2011 

By Jack Tomas Let’s face it, Latin American history is nothing but a series of evil jerks treating people like crap. Seriously, think about it. When was the last time there was a leader, any leader, in any Latin American country who wasn’t a crook, killer, or psychopath? It seems like our only choices are:….


Nicaragua Considering Giving Qaddafi Political Asylum

August 24, 2011 

Way to make Latin America look bad, Nicaragua. According to economic adviser Bayardo Arce, President Daniel Ortega is not against granting the deposed Lybian head of state Muamar al-Qaddafi* political asylum should he seek it.