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Pope Francis Agrees Big Bang Theory, Evolution Are Real

November 06, 2014 

Science vs religion has been a controversial subject where evolution and the Big Bang theory contradicts the existence of God, wow that some heavy stuff. Pope Francis, continuing his Vatican Modernization Tour, and recently stunned the world by saying that the Big Bang Theory and evolution in nature do not contradict the idea of creation…..


Holy F#@$!, The Pope Drops F-Bomb During Service

March 04, 2014 

Swear words are like passing gas. Sometimes you mean to let one out, and other times they slip out accidentally. On Sunday, while speaking publicly to a large audience, the Pope regrettably let an F-Bomb squeak out. Pope Francis was trying to use the Italian word for “case” – which is “caso” – however, he….


The Pope Won’t Talk To Santeros While In Cuba

March 06, 2012 

The Pope has said nein to meeting with leaders of Cuba’s Santeria community when he visits the island this month. The 84-year-old pontiff, (who looks exactly like the Emperor from “Star Wars” BTW), is traveling to the commie run island later this month on a goodwill tour. Apparently, he doesn’t have any good will towards….


Knights Templar Drug Cartel Calls For Cease Fire During Pope’s Visit

February 09, 2012 

Mexico is busy preparing for the visit of Pope Benedict next month. Millions of people from all over the world are expected to come to see the Pope and attend one of the huge masses he will be officiating. The Mexican government is cleaning the streets, hanging lights, and begging the drug cartels to stop….


Cuba Prepares For Pope’s Visit

December 27, 2011 

Oh how the times are changing. The war in Iraq has come to an end. The Jersey Shore visited Italian culture, leaving fist-fights and new forms of STDs in its wake. And the current Pope is gearing up for his first visit to Cuba (only the second Papal visit since 1998). Not to sound blasphemous,….