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Ricky Martin Plays At The Central American And Caribbean Games

November 22, 2014 

The Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin performed at the opening XXII Central American and Caribbean games, in Veracruz Mexico. Martin, who is in the midst of a national concert tour of Mexico, was able to be part of the opening ceremonies and played several of his hits including his new single “adios”. The Central American….


Puerto Rico To Raise Huge Statue Of Christopher Columbus

April 03, 2014 

Plans are moving forward to raise a giant statue of notorious mass murderer Christopher Columbus on a beach in Puerto Rico. The project has been around for several years to erect a Statue of Liberty-like monument to the monstrous navigator on the island. The statue was designed by Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and will be….


Puerto Rico Is One Step Closer To Statehood

February 13, 2014 

U.S. senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico has introduced legislation that would ask for a new referendum on Puerto Rican statehood. This is almost identical to a bill put forward by Puerto Rico’s non-voting representative in the house, resident commissioner Pedro Pierluisi. The referendum would be and up or down vote asking Puerto Ricans directly….


Puerto Rico Considers Using Daylight Savings Time

December 02, 2013 

Puerto Rican lawmakers are debating whether or not to institute the dreaded practice known as Daylight Savings Time. Sen. Margarita Nolasco introduced a bill that would force Boricuas to push their clocks back an hour in the Fall. The United States started using Daylight Savings Time as a way to give farmers more time to….


Puerto Rico Shoots Down Bill To Legalize Marijuana

November 21, 2013 

It’s a sad day for hacky sack enthusiasts. A bill designed to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana was Bogarted by Puerto Rico’s lower house this week. Critics of the bill say that relaxing the laws around cheeba would lead to moral decay in a society already plagued by criminal activity. Currently, those….


Puerto Rico To Raise Legal Drinking Age

November 08, 2013 

Facing pressure from the federal government, Puerto Rico is expected to raise the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 years of age. While some say this measure will help reduce alcohol dependency among young people in Puerto Rico, I say it sets a bad precedent. Giving in to peer pressure is how most people….


Rick Santorum Tells Puerto Rico That They Need To Speak English

March 15, 2012 

Rick Santorum is in Puerto Rico today. He declared that if Puerto Rico wants to become a state, they have to speak English. Yeah, we know. He said, “As in any other state, you have to comply with this and any federal law. And that is that English has to be the main language.” Santorum,….


Here Are Some Of The Weirder Three Kings Day Traditions From Latin America

January 06, 2012 

Happy Three Kings Day, everyone! Today we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany by giving each other underwear or iPhones, (depending on how much your parents love you). Epiphany commemorates the day when the Three Wise Men, Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, brought gifts to the baby Jesus. If you remember your Sunday school, they gave….


Puerto Rico To Have Referendum On Their Status. What Should They Do?

December 29, 2011 

Puerto Rico is once again having a referendum over their status. The referendum will have two parts: The first part, asks whether or not to change their current status. If they do want to change, whether Puerto Rico should be a state, independent, or have a sovereign free association relationship with the United States. They’ve….


Tu Vez Blast-From-The-Past Truck: Tito Puente

December 28, 2011 

Marty McFly and Doc Brown had the Delorean to go travel through time; We have the Tu Vez Blast-From-The-Past Truck. Every week, we’ll hop in our time traveling machine, gun it to 88 MPH, and go back in time to bring you the best from the good ol’ days. Will it be a clip from an old telenovela? An old school music video? Stick around and find out!