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Tag: Race Relations

Hipsters Exploit Loophole, Mock Latino Culture

January 11, 2012 

Yesterday, Grantland writer Molly Lambert published an article in which she mocks the latest Billboard’s Regional Mexican musicians. We respond.


Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Proves That Racism Is Very Much Alive In Latin America

December 21, 2011 

The English Football Association banned Liverpool forward and Uruguayan national Luis Suarez for eight games and levied a fine of £40,000 (roughly $62,000) for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, French national born in Senegal, at an October 15th Premier League match.


Minority Reporting: Yes Cassandra Wright, You Are A Racist

December 20, 2011 

Comedian in residence tries to court Cassandra Wright, President of the University of Texas College Republicans and focus of a recent racially charged tweet about President Obama, with a love letter.


Minority Reporting: Whites Only!

December 14, 2011 

Comedian-in-residence tackles two recent racist scandals in the news. His take? If you’re going to be a bigot, at least put in the effort.


American Heritage Dictionary Says “Ahoy!” To Anchor Babies

December 07, 2011 

Comedian-in-residence Lucas Molandes delves into the controversy surrounding the term “anchor baby” and the American Heritage dictionary’s gaffe.