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Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Photo Leaked

January 09, 2015 

Recently Sofia Vergara’s wedding photos were leaked, back in 1991, before she was the most paid Colombian actress on U.S. television. Vergara was only 18 years old when she married her sweet heart. She was dressed in all white y bien tapadita. Unfortunately, in 1993 they separated but still have remained close. Now 42 years….


Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Are Reportedly Engaged

December 30, 2014 

Our favorite chica, Sofia Vergara, is reportedly now engaged to True Blood hunk Joe Manganiello. The two have been dating for the last few months and have become a very visible Hollywood couple. Several news outlets are reporting that Joe proposed around Christmastime. Sofia was spotted in Hawaii wearing a huge diamond ring. Like, the….


Jimmy Fallon And Sofia Vergara Lip Sync Gloria Estefan’s “Conga”

September 24, 2014 

We love Sofia Vergara here at Tu Vez and it’s not just because she’s really really really beautiful. She’s also seriously funny. She’s like if you took Lucille Ball and mixed her with Desi Arnaz’s Latiness and put the resulting creature in a push-up bra. We’re also big fans of Jimmy Fallon, mainly because he….


Sofia Vergara And The Power Of Smell

Bloomberg & Vanity Fair Cocktail Reception Following The 2014 WHCA Dinner
September 23, 2014 

Sofia Vergara gave away the secret of how she landed True Blood star Joe Manganiello: her smell. Let me explain. She was on Good Morning America to hock her new perfume called Sofia. She said that she tested it out on Al Bundy…er…her Modern Family co-star Ed O’Neil among others. I can’t imagine it’s fun….


Sofia Vergara Sparks Controvery At Emmy Awards

August 26, 2014 

Sofia Vergara caused a bit of controversy at last night’s Emmy awards by participating in a joke that many people think objectified women. It all happened when the academy president Bruce Rosenblum came on stage to talk about the academy’s commitment to diversity and “always giving the viewer something compelling to watch”. He then asked….