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Sofia Vergara Adorns Cover Of May’s Women’s Health

April 17, 2014 

Sofia Vergara was born to be a superstar. Though her rise to stardom took longer than most celebrities, Vergara became famous at just the right time. Had she been a child celeb (which she easily could have been), there’s a solid chance she would have ended up like the other young piles of entitled celebrity….


Stunning Twenty Year Old Sofía Vergara Shows Off In One-Piece

EXCLUSIVE: SofÌa Vergara, Never before seen swimsuit pictures - just four months after giving birth
April 09, 2014 

Fashion is such a fickle thing. What’s popular today may look hideous years later – unless you’re Sofía Vergara. If that’s case, then no matter what you wear (especially if it’s a swimsuit), it will always look pretty f’n sweet. Need proof? These never before seen photos of 20 year old Vergara modeling a one-piece….


Sofia Vergara On Why She Kept Her Accent

CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute - Arrivals
March 18, 2014 

It’s a well known fact that Sofia Vergara is one of our favorite actresses here at the the Tu Vez offices. Not only is she beautiful and talented but she is also a very positive roll model for Latinos in the entertainment industry. In an interview in this month’s Woman’s Wear Daily Sofia talks about….


Sofía Vergara’s Co-Stars Are Worse Than The Paparazzi

Sofia Vergara
January 22, 2014 

Sofía Vergara recently learned a lesson that most of us figure out our first year in college. That lesson? If you fall asleep while hanging out with your friends, they will exploit the fact that you are defenseless. You can have a buddy that helped you through a rough breakup or helped you bury that….


And Now, A Christmas Song From Sofia Vergara

December 23, 2013 

Ay, Sofia. You are wonderful and perfect in every way…well, almost. You all know how much we love Sofia Vergara. She’s our main squeeze here at Tu Vez. And by main squeeze I mean the girl that whose name we write over and over again in our notebooks and who we want to marry and….


Latinos Gain Key Golden Globe Nominations

December 12, 2013 

Director Alfonso Cuaron and our favorite gal Sofia Vergara are among the Latinos that were nominated for Golden Globes this year. Alfonso Cuaron received a best director nomination for his film Gravity, which also got several other nods including best picture. Sofia Vergara was once again nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV comedy….


Sofia Vergara Compares Boobies With Chelsea Handler

October 29, 2013 

It’s no secret that we here at Tu Vez love Sofia Vergara with a passion out of a romance novel or telenovela. That’s why we don’t like anyone dissing our girl…even as a joke. In this video from Chelsea Lately, harridan crone Chelsea Handler has a “fight” with Sofia over scheduling conflicts and not being….


Machete Kills Girl Of The Day Sofia Vergara

October 11, 2013 

Machete Kills premieres in all theaters today, so why not make hot Sofia Vergara the girl of the day. Machete Kills is an upcoming 2013 American exploitation action film directed, produced, co-written, cinematographied and co-edited by Robert Rodriguez. Sofia Vergara dazzles as she joins Alexa Vega and Mel Gibson at the Los Angeles premiere of her new….


The Ladies Of “Machete Kills”

October 08, 2013 

Machete Kills opens this Friday and we here at Tu Vez cannot friggin’ wait. The first Machete was a masterpiece of violence, comedy, and Steven Seagal’s bad Mexican accent, (“Ehhh, pendejo”). Danny Trejo is, of course, a badass and will be up there with Stallone and Schwarzenegger as one of the great action heroes. But,….


Latino Incognito: 5 Latino Actors That Changed Their Names

January 23, 2012 

The entertainment world has changed a lot for Latinos over the last 50 years. While we still have a ways to go, (hello, “Work It“), we’re better off than we used to be. Back in the 50′s, Desi Arnaz wasn’t allowed to go to certain clubs and restaurants, even though he was on the #1….