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Happy Spanglish Tanksgivee From Your Friends At TuVez

November 22, 2018 

Tanksgivee Noun: This is the word Thanksgiving run through the Ricky Ricardo Thick Accent Machine (patent pending). Now, Thanksgiving is obviously an American holiday, what with all the Pilgrims and Indians and whatnot. The correct term is el dia de accion de gracia, which let’s face it, is a mouthful. So, we are going to….


Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Parquear

October 12, 2018 

Parquear Verb: To park. The correct Spanish word for parking is estacionar, but no one says that in America. This word took the English word park and added a -ear to the end, thus making it sound Spanish. Sounds like isn’t really the same as right, now is it? EX: “Emilio, tu ve y compra….


Spanglish Word Hall Of Fame: Freakiando

September 24, 2018 

I honestly didn’t know this wasn’t a word. For years. Freakiado: adj. A bastardized hybrid of the words freaking out filtered through a thick Spanish accent. ex: “Yo estoy completamente freakidado sobre el resultado de los analysis de gonorrhea.” “I am totally freaking out about the results of my gonorrhea blood test.” verb. It can….


Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!: Spanglish

February 23, 2012 

In our “Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!” feature we ask you, our Latino brothers and sisters, to cut out some behavior that is embarrassing the rest of us. We do this in order to foster peaceful coexistence with our non-Latino neighbors and so we aren’t ashamed to be seen with you in public.


Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Estop

January 05, 2012 

Estop Verb: The English word “stop” with an “e” at the front to give it a Spanish accent. In the United States and Spain, stop signs say “stop”. In other Spanish speaking countries they use the correct word, “alto”. It was only natural for this word to creep into the language seeing it everyday on….