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It’s Time For A Latino ‘Black Panther’ Moment

March 02, 2018 

I went to see Marvel’s Black Panther last weekend and it was everything the critics and audiences said it was. Not only was it one of the best written and best acted comic book movies I’ve ever seen, but it also showed that a movie starring mostly Black people could make a ton of money,….


Latino Spiderman Becomes THE Spiderman

February 08, 2016 

Back in 2011, Marvel introduced us to Miles Morales. He is an Afro-Latino Spiderman who up until now has only acted as a second fiddle to the “real” Spiderman Peter Parker. But now it seems that Parker is off to do his superhero thing globally and that leaves New York City vulnerable. So, for the….


Afro-Latino Spiderman To Be THE Spiderman

June 24, 2015 

A few years ago Marvel rolled out an Afro-Latino Spiderman named Miles Morales. He was a kind of fill in for the REAL Spiderman, White guy Peter Parker. He appeared in the Ultimate Spiderman series but was apart from the main Spiderman story, the official canon story. But now, Miles is getting a promotion as….