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Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jerseys found In Mexico

March 20, 2017 

After winning the Super Bowl in a dramatic come from behind fashion, the unthinkable happened, someone stole Tom Brady’s game worn jersey. The sports memorabilia community went into a frenzy to see if the culprit would try to sell it on ebay. Semanas pasaron and no sign of the jersey until today. Tom Brady’s stolen….


Panthers’ Ron Rivera is Second Latino Coach to Guide Team to Super Bowl

January 28, 2016 

! The Carolina Panthers 49-15 win over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday night not only won a spot in the Super Bowl 50 pero hizo historia para los Latinos. With the win, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera did what only one other Latino heach coach has done – take a team to the Super Bowl. The….


Danny Trejo Does Super Bowl Commercial Teaser As…Marcia Brady?

January 26, 2015 

If you are a regular reader of Tu Vez you know that we love tough guy actor and star of the Machete movies Danny Trejo above all others. The guy is just a badass and his story of going from a convict to a well-known action star is truly inspiring. He’s also pretty darn funny…..


Top 5 Most Social Shared Super Bowl Commercials.

February 09, 2014 

The Super Bowl has become a day in which people gather in front of the TV not only to watch the big game but to watch all the great commercials. With companies spending millions of dollars on a 30 second commercial that usually will only air one time during the Super Bowl, we take a….


Super Bowl XLVIII Advertisements Valued At 4 Million Dollars

January 30, 2014 

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day of the year when we put aside our hatred of television commercials and give them near god-like status. And for good reason. Even if you do not have a dog in the fight, advertisers know you’ll be watching the game. And at a price tag of four million….