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Happy National Taco Day!

October 04, 2018 

I’m not sure who it is that decides these national holidays, but whatever, it’s National Taco Day. That’s the special day that is like Christmas for those of us that love munching on some delicious tacos. Tacos are, in my humble opinion, the perfect food. The tortilla works as both a vehicle to bring the….


7 Mexican Things That Aren’t Really Mexican

August 26, 2017 

Mexico has many wonderful things that make me proud of my culture but what If I told you that some of the most cherished Mexican things are not Mexican at all. To start off the list we take a look at Piñatas. Yes that Mexican tradition of beating a cardboard figure decorated with paper mache….


Danny Trejo’s “Taco Run”: The Best Game Ever?

July 12, 2017 

It’s no secret that we love Danny Trejo here at TuVez. The gruff Mexican-American actor is most famous for playing the badass Mexican guy in…well…everything. He finally got the leading man role he deserved in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete movies. Not bad for an ex-con and former gang member turned world renowned actor. In LA he….


Kids Eat Free At Chipotle

September 09, 2016 

Chipotle’s latest idea to lure back customers is offering free kid’s meals. Chipotle ha tratado muchas cosas para que regresen its customers after the E. coli outbreak. They first offered a free burrito, then in June launched a three month loyalty program que puedes tener una comida gratis based on the number of visits each….


College Taco Studies Is A Thing

February 04, 2016 

When I was in college, I ate a lot of friggin’ tacos. I imagine this would have been true even if I didn’t live in Texas. We would go eat late night tacos at any number of the cheap but delicious taquerias around our school. But we weren’t allowed to actually study the tacos in school. It….