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Tecate Beer With Twice The Amount of Alcohol

March 17, 2019 

For those Tecate beer drinkers that want more of a kick your in luck as the Mexican beer has made a bigger and more boozier beer. Tecate Titanium is the first Mexican beer to have a high ABV, at 7.5%.  An original Tecate, for reference, is 12 ounces and has a 4.5% ABV. The Titanium….


Sly Stallone And Canelo Alvarez Trade Jabs in Tecate Commercial

June 20, 2017 

La cerveza Mexicana, Tecate, have a new “Born Bold” campaign featuring Sylvester Stallone and Mexican super fighter Canelo Alvarez. The two are featured alongside Tecate’s Black Eagle, who is an iconic role as the brand’s symbol for masculinity. Throughout the two 30-second spots titled “Beehive BBQ” and “Belt Tub,” with Sly and Canelo challenging each….


Tecate Beer Mocks Trump’s Wall

October 04, 2016 

Cerveza Tecate, mocks Donald Trump’s infamous wall in a brilliant 30 sec commercial. The commercial opens with an ominous desert scene. “The time has come for a wall, a tremendous wall. The best wall,” the voiceover explains. “The Tecate beer wall. A wall that brings us together.” Then we see a group of Mexicans and….