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Ted Cruz Wants El Chapo To Pay For the Border Wall

February 14, 2019 

With another government shutdown looming, Senator Ted Cruz is proposing a solution to fund the border wall. Joaquin “el Chapo” Guzman was recently found guilty on 10 counts, including engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise. With the conviction federal prosecutors are planning to seek a forfeiture judgment for the property Guzman gained from drug trafficking…..


Ted Cruz Trolls Trump At The RNC

July 21, 2016 

Last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Texas Senator Ted Cruz trolled nominee Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican party during his speech. Not only did he not endorse Trump for president, as many of his Republican colleagues and former opponents have done, but seemed to be openly advocating that people….


Ted Cruz And Me: A Cu-Tex Tale

February 25, 2016 

Tonight the remaining Republican nominees meet for a final debate in my hometown of Houston, TX ahead of Super Tuesday. Even though Trump has won three states already, he is not yet the defacto nominee. As frightened as I am by the prospect of a Trump presidency, I can’t help feeling that he is not….


Ted Cruz Speaks Spanish…Badly

February 15, 2016 

The two Latino Republican candidates had it out over a certain aspect of their Latinoness at the last Republican debate: their Spanish. Both Cruz and Rubio are Cuban-Americans but as far as their Spanish goes they are very different. Rubio’s Spanish is really good, as seen in several Univision and Telemundo interviews. Cruz…not so much…..


Ted Cruz Wins GOP Iowa Caucus

February 02, 2016 

Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus beating out favorite to win Donald Trump. He beat Trump by over 3 percentage points. Not exactly a trouncing, but decisive. Certainly a bigger margin that his counterpart Hillary Clinton who virtually tied with her rival Bernie Sanders. Trump came in second with Marco Rubio coming in third…..