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Five Shows We’d Like To See On Robert Rodriguez’s New Cable Network

February 28, 2012 

It was announced last week that Comcast give Robert Rodriguez his own cable channel to target the young Latino demographic. Because we’re experts on the subject, here are five shows RobRod should make.


Univision & Disney Launching English News Channel For Latinos

February 07, 2012 

It’s been rumored that Univision and The Walt Disney Company are partnering up to launch an all-English news network for Latinos. Will it work? Managing Editor Fidel Martinez doesn’t think so.


Will J.Lo and Wilmer Use Tr3s To Undo Damage?

January 23, 2012 

Jennifer Lopez and Wilmer Valderrama are producing two shows for MTV Tr3s. Will they take this opportunity to make up years of propagating negative stereotypes about Latinos?


¡Rob! Review

January 13, 2012 

It’s really hard to write anything intelligent about ¡Rob! because the show is far from it, but I’ll do my best. The best thing we can say about it is that it’s bland.


Introducing ¡Rob! Bingo! ¡Ay Caramba!

January 12, 2012 

We’re encouraging everyone to not watch ¡Rob!. But if you, like us, are a masochist and will tune in, here’s a bingo card with for you to play along.