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Tag: Tex-Mex

Selena Gets A Netflix Series

December 18, 2018 

Netflix is tacking on one of the biggest Latin pop stars, Selena Quintanilla, as they announced “Selena: The Series.” This new series will be a scripted TV show, developed alongside and executive produced by the Quintanilla family. The official teaser below is simple and calls out one of Selena’s biggest singles “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”….


Taco Bell: Naked Egg Taco

September 28, 2017 

Taco Bell is known for its crazy menu item combinations made famous with the Doritos Locos tacos, Naked Chicken Chalupa, the Breakfast Crunch Wraps and the Taco Bell Waffle Taco. Now the fast food chain is taking its lineup of “naked” menu items to a new level with the Naked Egg Taco. This new item….


Carl’s Jr. Ad Manages To Be Both Racist And Sexist Against Latinos

October 05, 2015 

Carl’s Jr., the burger chain that you only go to on long road trips when there is nothing else, has caused quite a stir with their new ad. Many people have accused the company of being both sexist and racist. The sexism part is not really a surprise. Most of Carl’s Jr’s ads consist of….