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Happy Spanglish Tanksgivee From Your Friends At TuVez

November 22, 2018 

Tanksgivee Noun: This is the word Thanksgiving run through the Ricky Ricardo Thick Accent Machine (patent pending). Now, Thanksgiving is obviously an American holiday, what with all the Pilgrims and Indians and whatnot. The correct term is el dia de accion de gracia, which let’s face it, is a mouthful. So, we are going to….


Thanksgiving Mofongo Stuffing

November 18, 2018 

Thanksgiving is next week, the day when we gorge ourselves with food to celebrate when some White dudes came over on a boat or something. For we Latinos it always kind of felt like not our holiday. We tend to make variations on the traditional themes. For instance we always had arroz y frijoles negros….


Yucca Stuffing Will Up Your Thanksgiving Game

November 23, 2017 

Today is America’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. The day when it is your patriotic duty to eat until you can no longer move. We Latinos have always been able to synthesize new cultural influences and making them our own. When we came to this country, we took the American Thanksgiving holiday and adapted it. Our Thanksgivings….


Taco Bell’s Thanksgiving Menu

November 22, 2017 

Taco Bell announced their annual Friendsgiving menu on Twitter and it’s truly bizarre. The menu consists of Taco Bell’s well known food items combined with traditional thanksgiving dishes. Here is just a taste of this crazy menu. Taco Bell will be offering spiral ham with a Mountain Dew Baja Blast glaze, “Turkeritos,” and Doritos Locos….