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Top 5 Most Social Shared Super Bowl Commercials.

February 09, 2014 

The Super Bowl has become a day in which people gather in front of the TV not only to watch the big game but to watch all the great commercials. With companies spending millions of dollars on a 30 second commercial that usually will only air one time during the Super Bowl, we take a….


Es Bueno Ser El Rey: Top 5 Latin American Monarchs

March 05, 2012 

While monarchies are often associated with Europe, Latin America hasn’t been entirely free of them. In our weekly list, we take a look at five of the most absurd/ridiculous kings to ever rule part of Latin America.


Café, Azucar, Tobacco, Platanos, Y Goma: The 5 Crops That Define Our History

February 27, 2012 

By Jack Tomas When you reflect on Latin American history, certain patterns emerge. There are strands that begin in the pre-Colombian past that stretch until today. When we consider the Spanish conquest, we tend to think about their unquenchable desire for gold. Though that may have been true at first, they soon learned that there….


Latino Incognito: 5 Latino Actors That Changed Their Names

January 23, 2012 

The entertainment world has changed a lot for Latinos over the last 50 years. While we still have a ways to go, (hello, “Work It“), we’re better off than we used to be. Back in the 50’s, Desi Arnaz wasn’t allowed to go to certain clubs and restaurants, even though he was on the #1….


Quisque-who?: Five Original Names For Latin American Countries

December 19, 2011 

Why did the Spanish let one country keep its Indian name and call another one after a moldy Catholic saint? What went behind their thinking? Who is Huitzilopochtli? Is there a hidden Voltron-like robot on Puerto Rico? Check out this list of former names for Latin American countries to find out.