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Selena Gómez And Justin Bieber Back Together Again?

June 01, 2015 

Could Selena Gómez and Justin Bieber be back on? Well the two were recently seen together, espero que no sea cierto! Las redes sociales were blowing up with a picture showing the two together and it looks like they were having a good time. Back in 2012 the couple broke up and Selena later hooked….


Love is blind love is WET!!!!

September 11, 2013  READ STORY

Real Life GTA Chase In The Streets Of Brazil

October 14, 2010 

In yet another example of how life imitates art, a man in Brazil decided to do his best Grand Theft Auto impression through the streets of Brazil. Equally as entertaining as the chase footage is the news anchor’s report, who sounds like he’s announcing a soccer match.


Girls + Water = Best Prank Ever

October 12, 2010 

How do you make a prank involving girls falling into a bed frame full of water even better? Make them wear next to tight-fitting negligees.