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Taking an Uber to Mexico


With the popularity of Uber growing everyday, I asked myself would it be possible to take an Uber to Tijuana?

I did a little digging around y que creen, si se puede! Apparently Uber has a ride-sharing service to travel across the California border into Mexico. But before you start planning a bar hopping night out on the popular Avenida Revolución, you have to figure out how to get back to the U.S..


Yes, an Uber driver can take you to party central in Tijuana but they can’t take you back to the United States. In order to re-enter the country, travelers must ride to the border and then proceed on foot. Once across, they can order a second ride to their next destination.

Al parecer you need a special “Passport” in order to request a ride across the border, y ese pasaporte no es facil de conseguir. Currently, only San Diego residents who frequently travel to Mexico and back can solicit the special “Passport” and cross the border. Pero esperen, even if you have that passport, there are only certain drivers that have been approved to make the trip. There is also another problem, the cost. The average cost to take an Uber to Mexico is around $90 ouch!

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