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Ted Cruz Wins GOP Iowa Caucus

Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus beating out favorite to win Donald Trump. He beat Trump by over 3 percentage points. Not exactly a trouncing, but decisive. Certainly a bigger margin that his counterpart Hillary Clinton who virtually tied with her rival Bernie Sanders. Trump came in second with Marco Rubio coming in third. Many in the media are saying that the real winner was Rubio even though he came in third. That’s because the mainstream media doesn’t want to believe the horrible possibility of Trump or Cruz actually getting the nomination. But as much as the thought of Ted Cruz becoming the next president of the United States might fill us with fear and loathing, we have to face up to the possibility that it could happen.

If the pundits are right and Rubio was the “real” winner of the Iowa Caucuses, then it could be that as we’ve said before, that a Latino could be one of the two most powerful people in America. It’s no surprise that the two possible Latino candidates are Cuban for various reasons. Mainly because they have been given a leg up in the immigration department. It’s ironic that these two yahoos that have greatly benefited from a loophole in U.S. immigration policy want to make it harder to become a citizen. Ironic.

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