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Telemundo Reporter Attacked on Live TV


Con tanta violencia hoy en dia it looks like everyone can be a victim even at work. A Telemundo reporter was recently attacked during a live broadcast in Philadelphia. Iris Delgado was just about to finish her report outside City Hall when a woman approached her.

Footage of the attack shows the woman tapping Delgado’s right arm, saying, “Excuse me, excuse me.” She then bashes Delgado in the head and slaps her face. The camera quickly cut back to the studio, where anchor Ramon Zayas can be heard saying “Ay, Dios mio!”

No entiendo por que tiene que haber tanta violencia in our society. Did this woman attack the reporter because she was Latina? Por que no veo otra razón, la reportera solo estaba haciendo su trabajo. Que desgracia tener que ver tanta violencia en el mundo.

As for the attacker, the Philadelphia district attorney’s office has filed assault charges on Waheeda Wilson.

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