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The 55th Anniversary Of The Day The Music Died

Yesterday was the 55th anniversary of the day the music died in which Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and pioneering Latino rocker Ritchie Valens perished in a plane crash. The day was forever immortalized in the song of the same name by Don MacLean. Buddy Holly was a Lubbock rocker that was nerdy chic way before anyone else. His mix of rockabilly and rock made him a household name in a very short period of time. The Big Bopper was a DJ that made the transition into singing funny songs that became huge hits, namely the epic Chantilly Lace. But it was Ritchie Valens who was perhaps the most tragic victim of the crash. The son of migrant Mexican farmers, Ricardo Valenzuela had a natural knack for music. At only 17 year old he had already scored three big hits with Donna, Come On Let’s Go, and his take on the classical Mexican song La Bamba. Any Latino who grew up in the 80’s like I did remembers watching the movie La Bamba about this tragic star that left us too soon.

The three rock legends were traveling to a gig in a wicked snow storm when their plane went down in a corn field. Later reports showed that there were engine problems due to the extreme cold weather and pilot error contributed to the crash. They were the first tragic deaths that rock and roll experienced. So, we raise a glass to the three greats who could have done so much if they’d just had more time. Riiiitttttchhhhiiiieeee!!!

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