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The future of the Fast and the Furious franchise

The future of the Fast and the Furious franchise is up in the air after the death of Paul Walker. Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, was a main character in the previous movies, and was to play an important roll in the upcoming Fast and Furious 7. Prior to his death, Walker was going to film several important scenes for the movie. The writers will now have to re-tool the script in order to complete the movie.

Universal will have a tough decision to make, whether to continue with the seventh installment without Walker or take the series on a totally different direction and run the risk of low box office numbers. For now Universal has decided to put the production of the movie on hold while it figures out what to do with the series. This also gives the distraught cast time to mourn the death of Paul Walker and give support to his family.

Paul Walker’s tragic death will not cease production of his final movie, Fast & Furious 7, the film’s director has confirmed.James Wan, 36, told a TMZ on Friday night that the crew are ‘very sad and sombre,’ but added ‘we are dealing with it.’ James Wan was asked if he thought production would go on, he said, ‘yes’, confirming that there are no plans to abandon the movie.

On Wednesday, Universal released a statement saying: ‘Right now, all of us at Universal are dedicated to providing support to Paul’s immediate family and our extended Fast & Furious family of cast, crew and filmmakers. At this time we feel it is our responsibility to shut down production on Fast & Furious 7 for a period of time so we can assess all options available to move forward with the franchise.’

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