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The Hippest Winery In Mexico

Architects Alejandro D’Acosta and Claudia Turrent, are the creative minds behind the hippest winery in Mexico.  The Mexican wine industry has grown dramatically in the past years, and the Guadalupe Valley is considered the  Napa of Mexico.

Baja California’s wineries are a big tourist attraction and with the husband and wife team creating a Star Wars Tatooine looking upscale winery, It will bring even more tourist to the area.

The Vena Cava winery in Baja’s Guadalupe Valley is a modern winery all made from recycled junk, yes recycled junk. With their commitment to create an eco friendly winery while minimizing the impact on the Earth, they use all kinds of things from local factories, junkyards and demolition sites.  For example old glass bottles are used for insulation. The vaulted ceilings are made from discarded boats from the nearby port.  Old tires are very strong,  20,000 tires were used as retention walls.

All this is very cool, the only question is how good is the wine?  I guess its time to take a road trip south of the border and check out the local Jesus juice.

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